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Fire prevention and safety

Fire prevention and safety

For being able to connect between your needs and our services, we present you a full list of prevention and firefighting activities:

  • - Organisation and coordination of the specific firefighting activities in accordance with Law no. 307/2006 and General Rules of Prevention and Firefighting, as well as other applicable laws
  • - Informing and instructing employees in prevention and firefighting activities
  • - Elaboration of specific documents for PSI activity
  • - Specific training of the employees (workplace training, periodical trainings)
  • - Preparation of the control plans used in checking the way the specific laws are respected and applied
  • - Preparation of the Measurement Plan for prevention and firefighting activities
  • - Preparation of the Intervention Plan for fire situations or emergency situations, as well as risk evaluation
  • - Consulting in order to provide the unit with specific firefighting material
  • - Testing the vulnerable points for firefighting and hypotetical intervention plans, as well as practical intervention plans
  • - Testing for knowledge of basic first-aid help and evacuation in emergency cases


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