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Our mission is to provide prompt and professional consulting services in occupational safety and health, emergency situations and fire prevention and extinction (PSI).

Schrit Consulting is working for the benefit of people, the end product being SAFER WORKPLACES for them.



SCHRIT CONSULTING aims to set out new standards of quality and professionalism in Romania and to exceed expectations of clients, employees and shareholders, in providing the highest quality solutions in occupational safety and health.



When I gathered the team and established our company’s values, we promised that we won’t let them be only theoretical concepts. We have assumed them as the things we believe in and are reflected in everything we do.

Our values guide our employees in their work and the company in its actions.


  • Integrity

Honesty and fairness underlie our relationship with suppliers, customers and employees.

  • Proven professionalism

Our consultants are specialists with experience in occupational safety and health, which enables them to provide an appropriate and effective solution to any problem the client is facing. Our principle is: A satisfied customer brings more new customers.

  • Working as a team

The company is designed to work as a team in which everyone knows their role and responsibilities very well.

  • Quality services

We offer the best services and solutions adapted to your business needs, which will visibly reduce your costs.

  • Lowest costs for highest quality

We always strive to offer you the best price for the quality of our services and our work.

  • Long-term relationship with the client

We pride our long-term contracts, not the number of clients we have. We keep constant communication with clients and build our business relationships on honesty and fairness, ensuring that these relationships last years, not months.


Address: Bucuresti, Sector 3, Str. Baba Novac nr. 16
Mobile: 0724132970
e-mail: office@schrit.ro