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Occupational safety and health - Statistics

Every three and a half minutes, someone dies in the European Union because of non-compliance with work safety rules. More specifically, it is about 150,000 deaths per year, 8900 due to work accidents and 142,000 as a result of illness. 1/3 of employees in Europe are exposed to dangerous...

Over 2,500 work accidents happened because of non-compliance with occupational safety and health requirements

In the first nine months of 2012, there were 2,575 work accidents involving over 2,700 people. Among them, 126 people died and 2600 faced temporary disability, according to the Labour Inspection. The total amount of fines imposed in 2012 for non-compliance with labor protection legislation was over ...

The medical staff in Sibiu was informed about labour risks

The National Research and Development Institute for Labour Protection, along with representatives of the Labour Inspectorate of Sibiu (ITMS), held Monday, February 18, a meeting with representatives of the medical staff from Sibiu to inform them about the prevention of work accidents in the medical ...

Ocupational safety and health, a premise for competitiveness The last two free seminars in Construction

There are only two free seminars left within the project "Occupational safety and health at work, a premise for competitiveness" developed by the National Institute of Research and Development for Occupational Safety "Alexandru Darabont", in partnership with the Chamber of...

Nearly three million lei fines in the field of labor relations and for not complying with the legislation on occupational safety and health

After more than 4,000 inspections carried out during 11 to 15 February 2013, the total value of the fines given by work inspectors was 2,735,800 lei.


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