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Professional Safety

Professional Safety

For being able to connect between your needs and our services, we present you a full list of services regarding occupational safety and health (labour protection) that our company provides:

  • - Elaborating and/or completion of the technical work instructions, standards operational procedures, sistem procedures, simple procesures (such as storage, transport, handling etc), individual security instructions (depending of the particular work processes)
  • - Consulting and preparing the files for work accidents and professional diseases
  • - Having evidence unit reports, anual reports or specific reports in acoordance with the legal forms of MMSS
  • - Informing and instructing the managers about the workfield organisation
  • - Identifying and evaluating the risk of injury and work diseases at work
  • - Preparation of the Prevention and Protection Plan
  • - Completion of the identification files and risk factors for the employees
  • - Preparation of thematic information and training for workers and staff TESA.
  • - Preparing the organization’s health policy and occupational safety.
  • - Consulting in order to comply with legal requirements.


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